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Announcing our Spring Retreat in Hudson Valley!

Updated: Feb 25, 2020

Thursday April 30 - Sunday May 3, 2020

Pine Plains, NY

I'm so excited to share that Peter and I will be hosting a Spring Rounding Retreat in Hudson Valley at the end of April! We've been on the hunt for an intimate retreat center for some time and finally found a stunning property, less than 2 hours away from New York City, purpose built for a restorative weekend of yoga, meditation and nourishing community meals and deep rest.

Over the course of the long weekend, we will instruct and lead you in an advanced technique called Rounding, which combines simple, gentle yoga postures and light breath work with our current meditation program. Performing consecutive rounds on retreat produces a multiplier effect for added rest and stress release in our physiologies; successive rounds over a long weekend can release an amount of stress equivalent to 6 months of regular meditation.

In addition to rounding, we will enjoy delicious Ayurvedic meals, walks around the property, and daily Vedic wisdom talks on how to maximize our own personal evolution and expansion in consciousness. There will be plenty of time for personal rest and introspection.

If you're already practicing Vedic Meditation and looking to dive deeper into your practice, immersing yourself over a long weekend in Vedic knowledge and longer meditation sessions will have profound and long-lasting changes in your experience of everyday life. By clearing away a significant backlog of stress, you'll leave our retreat feeling balanced, rejuvenated and restored.

If you're brand new to Vedic Meditation and interested in attending our retreat, we can train you in Vedic meditation over the course of the weekend; you'll still be able to participate and enjoy all the offerings on retreat.

The most profound benefit of attending a weekend rounding immersion is the accelerated integration of our natural bliss state in our lives. As Vedic meditators, we are familiar with and enjoy dipping into the bliss state, or ananda in Sanskrit, when we meditate. As we continue to release stress, this feeling of unbounded, unchanging bliss becomes our backdrop emotional state and default condition in life, not merely an experience we can only enjoy when we close our eyes for meditation.

Come along and allow us to support you in what will be a transformational and healing weekend - reach out if you have any questions.

To learn more and register for our retreat, click here.

With Love and Jai Guru Deva,


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