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A New Year's Message from my teacher, Thom Knoles

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Dear Vedic Meditator,


The relative world is going through massive change; everywhere we look, whether at world affairs, or even within our family, nothing suggests that ‘business as usual’ is the norm. Change is asserting itself everywhere. 

“Chaos”, “disorder”,  “disruption”, “decay”; these and others are words we use when we lack the cosmic-scale perspective of time and space that is essential to detecting the evolutionary theme inherent in change.

When our senses and intellect deliver merely a snapshot of time, a frozen frame-grab of a vast continuum of progressive change, then we may become angry or depressed; the magnitude of change may appear, from the point-of-view permitted by limited perspective, solely to be a destructive force. 

When change looms, angry, sad, or frightened reactions are less effective than our being fearless, infinitely stable, adaptive, and fabulously creative.  This is obvious. 

So, then, how do we shift our state from being less effective to being super effective?  If, by merely choosing to apply logic, we could have become invincibly enlightened, then we all would have done so, long ago. 

Evidently, we cannot simply think our way into infinitely broadened awareness.  However, expansion of one’s consciousness is a spontaneous outcome of a singular direct experience, that of going beyond thought, where our silent mind experiences conscious oneness with the source of all change. 

The Veda, ancient India’s knowledge tradition, is being revived today through our teaching of Vedic Meditation. 

My Guru, His Holiness Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, taught that, deep within every mind, lies the Absolute field of Being. 

This experienceable, yet silent, innermost layer of one’s consciousness is the source of thought - but not only that; it is the unchanging unified field itself, pure unmanifest Being, from which the entire relative, ever-changing world manifests   ...and its nature is Bliss. 

Each time a Vedic Meditator steps beyond thought, that is, when one “transcends”, one’s individual mind identifies profoundly with Being, the transcendental non-changing field which sets the theme of evolution through change. 

With regular, twice daily sessions of Vedic Meditation, this underlying field of Being awakens within the individual, and does so more and more each day. 

This awakening of one’s innermost consciousness brings super-acute sensory perception to the meditator, while unleashing one’s dormant creative intelligence. The true massive potential, that is native to the human brain, is now activated through regular meditation.

Accumulated stress, the result of the previous many years of not meditating, is stripped away, effortlessly, and health becomes more robust. 

With these results, one’s capability grows to meet change with creativity and intelligence, with stability and adaptation, and with stamina.

Change no longer is assessed as its being worthy only of fighting it (futilely), or fleeing from it (futilely).  Rather, change can be harnessed, to drive progress individually and socially. 

However, we must acknowledge one important distinction:  The Veda states that simply thinking and talking about this amounts to nothing.

To realize these ideals, it is pivotal that one makes twice-daily Vedic Meditation non-negotiable.

The greatest reinforcement of our diligence in practice comes from attending regular Vedic Meditation Knowledge meetings and from coming on Vedic Meditation retreats.

Details about these events happening in your area can be had by emailing here

In addition, my recorded courses,  “Exploring the Veda”,  and  “Mastering the Siddhis” are extremely important for enhancing one’s intellectual understanding and for advancing experiences.

My podcast, “The Vedic Worldview”, now is being enjoyed by hundreds of thousands of listeners worldwide; listen for yourself. 

Concluding 2019 with reminiscence is healthy. 

What is crucial is to bring in 2020 with new resolve: to delay no longer the use of your fullest potential. 

Let me and my team assist you in every way to:

“Enjoy the Wisdom,  and radiate Life  for all to enjoy.” -my Maharishi’s oft-repeated imperative. 

Thank you for reading. 

Love, Thom Knoles, Maharishi Vyasanand Saraswati 

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